“Walking on the Moon” (2019)

Original – Multicolour Acrylics on White Canvas.

On July 20th, 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed the first manned mission to the Moon aboard the Apollo 11 landing module. It was then and remains to this day the biggest moment in the history of manned Space Exploration. To celebrate this achievement, on the same date 50 years later we decided to commemorate the anniversary of these Astronauts’ famous first steps on the Moon by creating this unique art work called “Walking on the Moon”. From an idea by Spacelab creative director Naomi McDonald the piece was brought to life for young visitors to Esplora Interactive Science Centre on the island of Malta, and who were each invited to have their right foot painted in colours of their choice, and then to take one small step and leave their lasting impression on the artwork you are experiencing here. In all nearly a hundred children (and a few children at heart!) from twelve countries took part in the creation of this unique work of art which is here on permanent display at Esplora.

Moonwalker Nationalities:  Malta, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, Poland, Serbia, Romania, Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea.



Idea Concept:   © Spacelab 2019
Creative Director:  Naomi McDonald
Artist:  Martin McDonald
Partner:  Esplora Interactive Science Centre
Platform:  White Canvas
Media:  Multicoloured Acrylics
Process:  Moonwalker’s right foot tickled with brightly coloured paint applied   from quarter inch bristle and wooden brushes, Moonwalker pressed   foot to the Moon canvas in random landings!
Dates Painted:  Saturday July 20th and Sunday July 21st 2019

I Walked on the Moon

Óisin McKinley
Jade Sammut
Ana  Guillaumier
Abner Buttigieg
Azaac Abela
Alexandra Lebel
Luca Sant
Christopher Mirtop
Michelangelo Sorbello
Aiden Zammit
Julia Mirtop
Zoe Mercieca Mallia
Gabriel Schwartz
Kai Muscat Azzopardi
Hugo Schwartz
Jacques Galea
Jack Scarpello
Adam Scarpello
Jung Subin
Sam Gatt
Nadienne Zammit Fiott
Annamaria Zammit
Aenoas Cooper
Alexander Kullberg
Mattia Sant
Isaac Degabriele
Paul Barberi
Lisa Said

Amelia Shitikova
Arianna Raucci
Hanna Kvolikowska
Leo Vergnanhd
Zack Logan Bilocca
Domenika Shitikova
Dorde Dujkovic
Miriam Andreozzi
Jake Zammit
Norah Said
Adam Krolikowski
Benjamin McDonald
Floyd McDonald
Giuzeppe Sorbello
Carla Cassar
Ema Theuma
Rafael Vella Haber Bondi
Sophie Pollacco
Kelsey Mifsud
Sebastian Pollacco
Giuliana Caruana Debono
Andreas Buttigieg
Marceline Hedges
Elise Bartolo
Carl Vergnanhd
Roberta Zammit
Lorraine Vella
Mila Tradani

Maya Agius
Julia Degabriele
Lara Sacco
Andreas Buttigieg
Matthias Miemie
Jade Zammit
Jina  Lim
Chiara Raucci
Hannah Mair
Eleri Cooper
Dobre Sonya
Zak Barabara
Mattia  Giannesse
Matthias Bilocca
Thea Cutajar
Francesca Galea
Nina Gatt
Luca Cooper
Elena Manson
Amy Barberi
Jung Saebin
Nicole Mary Bilocca
Aidan Falzon
Emilia Hedges
Marceline Hedges
Kristina Montanaro
Abner Buttigieg

“Walking on the Moon” Partners