Entry deadline; 15 April, 2020 | Winners announced: 18 April, 2020



About the Contest

Following the first edition of our Build-a-Spaceship Contest + Exhibition in March 2019, Spacelab now launches, a special APOLLO 50 edition where children aged 5 to 17 (and grown-ups too!) are invited to design and build their own spacecraft inspired by the Apollo 11 moon landing.

There are three categories: Building Bricks, Recycled Materials and Minecraft. Entries for the Build-a-Spaceship #Apollo50 edition shall be inspired by the Apollo Lunar Programmes, current space exploration and future expeditions to the Moon and beyond. The entries could be the Apollo 11 Rocket, rocket component, Lunar Module, Command Module (splashdown capsule), Lunar Rover, Apollo Space Suit, Mars Lander, experiment equipment such as the seismometer, Futuristic Lunar Village, or anything else one can imagine and engineer. The models do not have to be replicas, they just need to be inspired by your Imagineering. Read on to find out more.

Post your entries on Facebook or Instagram making sure to tag @gozospacelab and use the hashtag #buildaspaceship or complete the entry form here. Entries close 15 April, 2020.


How to Enter

  1. Choose your category.
  2. Design & Build Your #Apollo50 entry using building bricks (Lego, Duplo or other brands), Meccano or recycled materials such as cardboard, plastic, wood, clay and tin. ***NEW*** Minecraft Category.

  3. Your spaceship can be a rocket, shuttle, lunar module, command module, lunar rover, Apollo space suit, futuristic Mars Village or anything else you can imagine – it’s up to YOU!

  4. Give your model a NAME.
  5. Take some PHOTOS of your model making sure to capture all its glory.

  6. Write a short DESCRIPTION and back story of your Model.
  7. Post your entry on Facebook or Instagram remembering to tag @gozospacelab and use the hashtag #buildaspaceship or enter online by filling in the online form here and submitting your photos by 15 April, 2020.

  8. ENJOY the contest 🙂 and please #staysafe.

Size Guidelines:

Your spaceship can be as big or small as you wish. However, if you wish to submit your model for the live exhibition in Gozo Malta (TBC) please make sure it fits in a 50cm by 50cm space. (No sizes for Minecraft of course!)


The Contest has two ‘medium’ categories; Modular Construction and Engineering Tools (including Building bricks and Meccano) and Upcycled Category (including salvaged materials) and a **NEW** Minecraft Category. There are four age categories seeking to give everyone a fair chance.


  1. Lego™, Building Blocks, Meccano™ (+ similar)
  2. Upcycled // Recycled (including Plastic, Cardboard, Tin, Wood and Clay.) 
  3. Minecraft                                                               


  1. 5-8 Years          
  2. 9-12 Years
  3. 13-17 Years
  4. Grown-ups

What information do you need?

To complete your entry you will need your name, surname, age at time of entry, email address and country of origin. And of course your entry photos and model name. Add a short description of your model. If you are 16 or under you will need your parent or guardian’s consent. Entry Form.

What happens next?

Our Jury will review all the entries and select the winner and runner-up for each category. Winners will be announced on 18 April, 2020.

Contest prizes

Please bear with us, these will be announced shortly.

Live Exhibition (TBC)

If you wish to submit your model for the live exhibition, make sure to hold on to it – do not be tempted to dismantle it to create something else, just yet. Please note that the exhibition will only be held if health guidelines in force at the time will allow this.

Whilst we will endeavour to keep all models intact Spacelab cannot be held responsible for any damages or loss through theft.

Some entry rules and to keep things fair

Children aged 16 and under require the ok of their parent or guardian to participate and to submit their details online.

Young entrants may need some grown-up help. However if the grown-ups get carried away, please submit the entry in the Grown-Ups category.

The decision of the jury is final and we hope that all contestants will enjoy the creative and building process. 

Photography Guidelines

You can submit up to 5 photographs of your model, make sure to capture its the best angles.

  • Place your model against a plain background.
  • Do not include any people in the frame.
  • Include your name or the name of your model in the file names.
  • Post the photos on Facebook tagging @gozospacelab or if you need to email the photos use


Please refer to our privacy statement on the use of your data.

Entrants agree to publication of their photos on print and digital media including the Spacelab Facebook Page and Website. Entries will be referred to by Model Name, Entrant Name, Age and Country.

Model entered for the exhibition will include entrants’ full name. Should you have any issues with this please get in touch with us at and we will amend the tags accordingly.

Any Queries?

Just ask. Get in touch with any questions. We are at or on Messenger @gozospacelab


Happy building and please everyone, #staysafe.


I am Mars, the red planet. Fourth planet from the Sun and second-smallest after Mercury. I will likely be the first planet your human species will set foot on once you venture beyond the Moon. I owe my red colour to the iron-oxide found on my surface. Have you ever seen me in your night sky? I can be quite bright and will have a slightly reddish tinge so you’ll know it’s me.

Remember to hover over the egg to discover the true colours of Mars and tick the box on your Galactic Checklist! 







Entry deadline; 15 April, 2020 | Winners announced: 18 April, 2020

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